Saw palmetto is one of the most common herbal cures for hair loss, despite the fact that no scientific study on saw palmetto conclusively proved its efficacy for this condition. Saw palmetto is a fruit that has been used as a source of food and for the natural treatment of urinary tract infections by American Indians. It has also been used as a natural alternative treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia and hair loss. Read on to find out more about real people’s experiences with using Saw Palmetto ito treat hair loss including their results and side effects. Click Below To Know More!

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May 4, 2014 4:04 am


The world of medicine is currently getting revolutionized. At the center of this revolution is alternative, eclectic and traditional medicine. Receiving much attention today is a natural product...

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April 4, 2014 3:59 am


For both men and women there are many advertised treatments for hair loss, from natural supplements to surgical techniques. Saw Palmetto has long been heralded as an effective...

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February 4, 2014 4:13 am


Hair loss affects both men and women, although it appears to be more pronounced in males, they can be equally as severe in females. The hair forms an...

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  • “I didn’t see any noticeable changes when I took saw palmetto apart from the fact that it made my face really oily. It could have been my dosage since I was taking twice the required dose for a person of my age and height. I adjusted the dosage and so far my hair fall has lessened, still a lot of hair falling off but not as severe as my worst hair fall experience. I started taking this since Rogaine caused me to shed bucketloads of hair and I have been wary of taking other treatments ever since.” 

  • “With all the posts saying that saw palmetto does not work, I was quite skeptical about using it. However, since it was cheap and easily available at the health food store, I took a chance. I didn’t notice any difference for the first four months, but then I started to notice a very gradual change in my hair fall pattern. In the past, my hair fall was really severe. After five months of taking saw palmetto my hair loss halved and eventually only a quarter of hair was falling off compared to my worst day of hair loss. Side effects that I felt include bloating and sleeplessness but they subsided after a few months.”

  • “Being a woman, my bald spots were really a source of embarrassment because they are very noticeable. I contemplated shaving my hair completely until I started seeing results with saw palmetto. I didn’t grow thicker or longer hair, but my bald spots started to have these fuzzy, light growths of really short hair. Some of them fell off but overall the fuzz of hair remained. Compared to severe hair loss, this is a really promising result so I’m going to keep taking it to see how much hair growth this will give me.” 

  • “One of the worst side effects I have had with saw palmetto was the breast tenderness. I actually stopped taking it when the tenderness got worse. I did notice that my hair was not falling as heavily as before but this was after 7 months of taking it. I would like to have take something that works faster, but apparently hormone-related conditions respond really slowly to medication which explains the slow results. Until I find something that is not too expensive and works faster, I am sticking to saw palmetto.” 

  • “I took saw palmetto for a total of 6 months before I saw any noticeable changes such as softer hair and lesser hair fall. The saw palmetto did not bring back the hair to my bald spots but I noticed that the hair loss stopped. Of course, I still have to deal with bald spots but at least I am no longer losing hair.”

  • “I was afraid that I would not see any effects of the saw palmetto once I started taking it. Turns out, it works really slow and you can expect to see results 3 months into taking it on a regular basis. Saw palmetto helped slow down my hair loss so I was regretful that I started taking it so late. It would have helped prevented the massive hair loss that I was experiencing for a whole month. Still, I am thankful for the reduced hair loss. Also, saw palmetto is a lot like Propecia so you can expect the same side effects.”

  • “I have been using all sorts of medications for hair loss from Rogaine to saw palmetto. Although I never grew any new hair with saw palmetto I did notice that the hair loss slowed down overall. I also noticed that my body hair would grow in slower and softer. The changes in texture is very noticeable although I appreciate how hair kept growing and there was less hair fall.”

  • “I take saw palmetto every night before bed. I usually open the capsules up and mix the contents with water since I do not want to take it with the gel coating. Although there is little difference, I have noticed the hair loss slowing down. I also noticed that my bathroom breaks have become shorter and shorter, although I do not know if this is due to the saw palmetto or not. Either way, it is giving me some peace of mind knowing that I am being proactive about my hair loss.” 


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